Top 5 Best Self-Watering Plant Pots 2019

Compare The Top 5 Best Self-Watering Plant Pots From Our Comparison Table
1) Lechuza Premium Delta Self-Watering Houseplant2) Lechuza Cottage Nido Self-Watering Hanging Basket3) Lechuza Colour Classico Self-Watering Round Planter Pot4) Lechuza Cottage Cube Self-Watering Square Planter Pot5) Lechuza Colour Cascada Self-Watering Herb & Flower Pot
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A Guide To The Best Self-Watering Plant Pots

Having plants and flowers can make us happy and it might even be connected to good luck for some of us.  However maintaining plants and flowers requires consistency which not all of us have time for.  Fortunately, buying a selection of the best self-watering plant pots is very affordable and means you don’t have to water your plants for up to 12 weeks, depending on the model you choose.

In order to use the self-watering system, first this requires you to water your plants by pouring water into the soil as you normally would for 12 weeks first so the roots can grow into the waters source.  Then after you can pour water into the reservoir up to the maximum indicator level, this ensures you don’t overwater your plants.  You won’t have to water your plants after until the water level indicator falls below the minimum.

Most of the self-watering plant pots can be used indoors and outdoors, to use it outdoors simply remove the drain plug, this ensures excess rain water will run through the plant pot and not drown your plant.


Choosing The Best Self-Watering Plant Pot

Pour water in the reservoir until it reaches the maximum level on the indicator

Perhaps not as satisfying as watering the plants and flowers yourself but there’s no deny that self-watering planters are very convenient, and also gives you the opportunity to spend time away from home without the plants dying. 

Just so you choose the right self-watering plant pot, we’ve listed a few pointers below:

Size – Pick a size according to the type of plants or flowers you want to use it for and the location you plan to place it.

Location – Deciding on where to place the self-watering planter will narrow down your selection as some containers will be designed for a specific purpose such as to be placed on the window sill. 

Design – The choices of style vary from basic to elegant designs, you can really make places such as your living room stand out by choosing a design that really complements the furniture. 

Water level indicator – This is a feature present in all self-watering planters, it ensures your plants are not over or under watered.


Alternative Self-Watering System

If you already have a plant pot you love and you just need a self-watering system, then a good alternative could be the Hozelock Aquadeco Watering Globe, which is suitable for indoor or outdoor plants.

With this equipment water is released according to the plant’s needs through capillary action.  To use, you simply fill it with water then make a small hole in the soil so you can insert the watering globe.