Top 5 Best Garden Water Butts Reviews UK 2019

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According to the Royal Horticultural Society around 24,000 litres of water could be collected from the roof of an average house each year, even in the dryer parts of the country. That is why a water butt would be a great addition to any garden. Not only would you reduce your costs but you would be also helping the environment.

In addition, plants prefer and benefit more from natural rainwater compared to tap water. In some cases, plants won’t grow successfully if they are watered repeatedly with tap water. Garden water butts do not take up much space and are a great solution for households which don’t have readily available water in the garden.

Another great way to save your money and the environment is to use a portable water butt as a source of water when using a portable power washer. This enables you to monitor how much water you’re using and also to make use of any natural rainwater.

A water butt is a very simple, straightforward, and time-honoured way of collecting rain in a tank made out of plastic or wood which has a tap at the bottom. The price of a water butt ranges from £20 to perhaps even more than £300. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the most expensive water butt is the best garden water butt for your needs. Choosing the right water butt depends on its shape, material, and water storage capacity.

If you are considering buying a garden water butt, then take a look at our reviews of some of the most popular ones which have served many customers well.


Our Top 5 Best Garden Water Butts Reviews

1) Harcostar 227 Litre Water utt & Raintrap Diverter + Stand

Average user rating (4.8 / 5)

  • Comes with a 5-year guarantee.
  • Has a child-safe lid.
  • Made in the UK out of recycled plastic.
  • Includes a stand and a universal rain trap diverter.
  • Capacity: 227 litres.

Possible Deal Breaker

  • Some customers complained that this water butt leaks and that the rain trap diverter is not compatible with square pipes.

If you are searching for a large water butt, then you should definitely consider this one from Harcostar. It comes with a sturdy stand, downpipe filler, a tap, and has a 227-liter capacity.

The stand is the classic three-part stand with locks which make it stronger than a one-piece stand. The lid of this water butt is a bit more advanced since it is a lockable lid. All in all, this water butt is very sturdy, holds a large volume of water, and has received many positive reviews.

2) Strata 210 Litre Water Butt Complete With Stand

Average user rating (4.2 / 5)

  • Has 210-litre capacity.
  • Comes with a lockable lid.
  • Has a three-part stand for additional support and security.
  • The top lid is lockable.
  • Downpipe filler kit is included.

Possible Deal Breaker

  • Some customers complained that the tap leaks badly. In addition, it is very difficult to take the lid off since it has no handle.

According to some negative reviews, this is not the best garden water butt money can buy, however it is a good enough choice for medium-sized gardens and greenhouses. It has 210 litre capacity, which means that you will have plenty of soft rain water on tap. The water butt comes with a lockable lid and a three-part stand which make it more secure and sturdy.

This 210-litre water butt by Strata comes with an additional downpipe filler kit and, of course, a water-exit tap. It is a great way to provide your plants with natural nutrients that can’t be found in tap water and a great alternative to hosepipes during drought periods.

3) Ward GN339 100L Slimline Water Butt Set

Average user rating (4.1 / 5)

  • Made from HDPE, meaning that it can withstand all the weather elements.
  • The tap and lockable lid are included.
  • Has a 4-part stand.
  • Comes with a downpipe filler kit.
  • Capacity: 100 litres
  • Has a one-year warranty.

Possible Deal Breaker

  • Some users complained that the base collapses once it is filled with water. In addition, some users reported that their Ward water butt leaks.

This 100L slimline water butt is not one of the large water butts, but its 100-litre capacity is large enough for a medium-sized garden. In addition, its smaller capacity makes it a portable water butt. The water butt is made out of high-density polyethylene, meaning that it is resistant to all the outside elements. But, just in case something happens to your water butt, a one-year warranty will ensure that you get proper compensation.

Ward water butt comes with a tap, a lockable lid, downpipe filler kit, and a four-part stand.

4) Ward 250L Slimline Water Butt

Average user rating (4 / 5)

  • Has large water capacity – 250 litres.
  • Includes a lockable lid.
  • Comes with a tap.
  • Dimensions: 121cm x 54cm x 54cm (H x W x L)

Possible Deal Breaker

  • Made out of low-quality plastic and the butt starts leaning forward once it is filled with water.

The biggest difference between this Ward Slimline water butt and the previous one is the capacity. You can fill this one with up to 250 litres of rain water. Its shape is perfect for gardens that are restricted in space. Can be stored in compact places thanks to its tall and slim design.

Unfortunately, this Ward water butt doesn’t come with a stand but it will fit on a standard stand. In addition, a downpipe filler kit (which has to be purchased separately) is very easy to install and use with the water butt.

5) Sankey 150L Beehive Water Butt

Average user rating (4.6 / 5)

  • Has 150-litre capacity.
  • The manufacturer recommends using it with the premier water butt stand.
  • Comes complete with a lid, and twist-flow tab.
  • It is lightweight, shatterproof, and weather-resistant.

Possible Deal Breaker

  • Some customers complain that the tap leaks and that it is situated too low.

If you don’t want to have a typical plastic, green water butt in your garden, then this Sankey Beehive water butt is the right choice for you. Just like its name suggests, its shape resembles a beehive. Made out of plastic and it is lightweight and shatterproof.

Unfortunately, the stand for this water butt is not included. The manufacturer recommends using it with their premier water butt stand, but any stand that can hold 150-litre capacity will do. You can even put it on a raised platform of bricks.