Top 5 Best Free Standing Hammocks 2019

Compare The Top 5 Best Free Standing Hammocks From Our Comparison Table Below
1) Bentley Garden Free Standing Hammock2) Redstone Garden Free Standing Hammock3) Vivere Double Hammock With Stand4) Ultracamp Hammock With Frame5) Alfresia Garden Camping Hammock
Bentley Garden Canvas Garden Hammock Buy nowRedstone Garden Free Standing Hammock Buy nowVivere Free Standing Hammock Buy nowUltracamp Swinging Hammock With Frame Buy nowAlfresia Garden Camping Hammock Buy now
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Hammock Material56% polyester, 27% cotton, 17% viscoseCottonCottonCottonCotton
Stand MaterialWoodSteelSteelSteelSteel
Height AdjustableYesNoNoNoNo
Maximum Weight Limit150kg100kg200kg180kg100kg
Free StandingYesYesYesYesYes
Dimensions (cm)Hammock - 200L x 100W

Stand - 310L x 120H x 120W
Hammock - 210L x 80W

Stand - 290L x 103H x 87W
Hammock - 210L x 150W

Stand - 304L x 140H x 200W
Hammock - 200L x 100W

Stand - 300L x 72H x 100W
Hammock - 275L x 136W

Stand - 300L x 114H x 124W
Box Contents- Hammock
- Stand
- Hammock
- Stand
- Hammock
- Stand
- Carry bag
- Hammock
- Stand
- Hammock
- Stand
- Carry bag
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A Guide To The Best Free Standing Hammocks

Being able to deploy your portable free standing hammock just about anywhere will give you satisfaction as you lie down and relax.  You can either buy a hammock and stand set, or buy the stand alone and choose your favourite hammock separately to attach onto your stand.

A free standing hammock gives you the best of both worlds as it’s a hammock and stand set, so the hammock can be detached from the stand and tied to two tree trunks but for this you’ll require some hammock hooks.  It also might be worth learning how to tie a hammock so you waste less time trying to figure out how to tie a hammock and more time relaxing.

As you’re unlikely to have two tree trunks spaced at the perfect distance apart for a hammock in your back garden, you might want to tie your hammock to a permanent fixture instead such as a wall. For this you’ll require wall hooks which comes with all the screws you need. 

If the sun ever gets too much whilst you’re relaxing on your hammock then you can simply just place your hammock under a parasol to get some shade, then if you want some sunshine again just move your hammock back into the sunshine.  That’s one of the joys of having a hammock stand to attach your hammock to.

Another option would be to buy a 3 seater garden swing chair which comes with a canopy affixed so shade is already provided.  In addition, with some models you can also convert it into a bed so you can relax.  But unfortunately it’s not portable like a free standing hammock.


Pros And Cons Of Buying A Free Standing Hammock


  • You’re not restricted to where you can place the hammock.
  • You haven’t got to find two tree trunks to tie the hammock to.
  • Lightweight and portable making it ideal for trips away, camping, taking it to the park or just general home use.
  • Hammock can be detached from the stand and be used to tie to trees.


  • Generally will cost more money as this will also include the cost of the stand.
  • Purchasing the hammock and stand together as a set will limit your options to the variations of hammocks you can choose.


How To Choose The Best Hammock And Stand Set

If you’ve decided that buying a free standing hammock is a better option then to ensure you pick the right one, we’ve put together below a list of factors to consider:

Stand Material – You can choose a hammock stand made from different types of material, certain materials will be cheaper or lighter if you’re looking for a portable hammock stand.  Wooden hammock stands will generally cost more.

Height adjustable – Only very few hammock frames will be adjustable, the ones that do will allow you to change the height of the frame.

Vivere Free Standing Hammock

Some hammocks are wide enough for two people

Maximum weight limit – Although for most people the maximum weight a hammock can support won’t be an issue, but if you’re body weight is close to the maximum of what a specific hammock can support then choose a hammock where the material is stronger and can support a higher weight limit. 

Dimensions – If you want hammock that can support two people simultaneously then check the width to ensure that it is wide enough.  You’ll also need to take into account the combined weight of the two people to ensure it doesn’t exceed the maximum weight limit.

Weight – Stand-alone hammocks offer you the freedom to place it pretty much anywhere, but if you wish to take it with you for trips away then ideally you would want one that’s fairly light.  Although wooden hammock stands look nice, they also tend to be quite heavy so it might not be a great choice.

Vivere Free Standing Hammock

Carry bags makes transporting the hammock and stand a lot easier

Instead, choosing a hammock with stand set where the frame is made from steel or metal or any other light material may be a more ideal option.  Some will also come with a carry bag making it easier to transport around.  Alternatively a portable sun lounger or deck chair can also be good options instead of a hammock.