Top 5 Best Pop Up Garden Gazebos 2017

Compare The Top 5 Best Pop Up Garden Gazebos From Our Comparison Table Below
1) Airwave Pop Up Waterproof Gazebo2) Redstone Garden Gazebo3) Gardensity Pop Up Gazebo4) Airwave 6x3m Pop Up Gazebo5) Airwave 2.5x2.5m Pop Up Gazebo
Airwave Pop Up Waterproof Gazebo Buy nowRedstone Garden Gazebo Buy nowGardensity Pop Up Gazebo Buy nowAirwave 6x3m Pop Up Gazebo Buy nowAirwave 2.5x2.5m Pop Up Gazebo Buy now
Average User Rating3.8 Stars (3.8 / 5)3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)3.9 Stars (3.9 / 5)3.4 Stars (3.4 / 5)4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)
Size3 x 3m3 x 3m3 x 3m6 x 3m2.5 x 2.5m
Frame MaterialSteelSteelSteelSteelSteel
Canopy MaterialPolyesterPolyethylenePolyesterPolyesterPolyester
Windbars Included2NoNoNo2
Side Panels Included44464
Windows On Side PanelsYes on 2 side panelsYes on 2 side panelsNoYes on 4 side panelsYes on 2 side panels
Doorway2 zipped doorwaysYesYesYes2 zipped doorways
Box Contents- Airwave Pop Up Gazebo
- 2 x Windbars
- 4 x Leg weight bags
- 4 x Side panels
- Carry bag
- Instructions
- Redstone Garden Gazebo
- 4 x Side panels
- Carry bag
- Instructions
- Gardensity Pop Up Gazebo
- 4 x Side panels
- Carry bag
- Instructions
- Airwave Pop Up Gazebo
- 6 x Side panels
- Peg and guy rope set
- Instructions
- Airwave Pop Up Gazebo
- 2 x Windbars
- 4 x Leg weight bags
- 4 x Side panels
- Carry bag
- Instructions
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A Guide To The Best Pop Up Garden Gazebos

Airwave Pop Up Waterproof Gazebo

Pop up gazebos can be used for many things

A gazebo is a freestanding structure with a roof and 4 or more legs, garden gazebos can vary a lot in terms of size, shape, structure and design. 

Pop up garden gazebos can also be referred to as pop up marquees can be used for various purposes, but most people tend to use it for relaxation, shade, shelter from weather conditions, for parties and gatherings and even to put over a hot tub.  The Airwave Pop Up Gazebos tends to be a popular choice when up comes to choosing an outdoor gazebo.

In our table above we’re particularly focusing on pop up garden gazebos which are designed to erect within a minute or so therefore the material tends to be weaker and more lightweight as it’s not a permanent structure like a brick or wooden gazebo would be.  However pop up gazebos will still have the same use as what a permanent one would be used for.


How To Choose The Best Pop Up Garden Gazebo

As mentioned above, gazebos can vary, however with pop up gazebos the structure and material tends to be similar to each other but the shape and size will still come in various forms.  Here are several things to consider when deciding what pop up gazebo will look the best in your garden:

Wind bars – A wind bar is a rod that clips onto the inside of the frame, this provides more support and stability for the gazebo.  The purpose of the wind bar is so the gazebo can withstand stronger winds.

Side panels – These can either be attached or removed from the gazebo, the side panels provide cover or privacy.

Windows on side panels – If you decide to use the side panels then some designs may include windows on some of the side panels. 

Doorway – You will be able to access a gazebo even if it doesn’t have a “doorway”, but for gazebos without a doorway, one side panel will usually be removed to allow access in the gazebo.

For gazebos with doorways, at least one of the side panels will have a zip down the middle which you can unzip and then tie both sides to the frame making it look more like a doorway.

Waterproof – All of the pop up marquees in the table are waterproof, it can usually withstand medium showers but it probably wouldn’t be the best shelter for heavy rain.


How You Can Heat Up Your Pop Up Marquee

One way you can provide heat to your pop up marquee is to place a gas patio heater inside.  Electric patio heaters can cause fire hazards so we don’t recommend using one unless the manufacturer specifically says it’s safe to do so.  You still have to be cautious when placing a gas patio heater or gas tabletop heater inside.

We recommend that you check the user manual or with the manufacturers of both the marquee and patio heater first to ensure it’s safe to put a heater inside.  A couple of safety guidelines to follow is to make sure the garden gazebo is well ventilated and don’t place the heater near the gazebo walls.


Pop Up Gazebos Vs Fixed Gazebos

Assuming you are more interested in purchasing a pop up gazebo rather than a fixed gazebo, but as with most things there’s pros and cons of each product type as listed below:

Pop up gazebo pros:

  • Usually a lot cheaper to buy.
  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • Easy to take it down and store it away.
  • Takes up very little space and can easily fit inside your garden storage.
  • Can be placed anywhere in the garden.


  • Structure is quite weak so unlikely to withstand windy weather conditions.
  • Frame is likely to bend in strong weather conditions, making the structure weaker overall.
Wooden Pavilion Gazebo

Fixed wooden gazebos are much stronger than pop up gazebos, but are also a lot more costly

Fixed gazebo pros:

  • Depending on what material you choose but common structure types such as brick and wood are much stronger.
  • Able to withstand strong weather conditions.


  • This will generally cost a lot more money.
  • If you’re not skilled enough to assemble the gazebo yourself, you have to take into account the cost to hire someone.
  • The gazebo has to stay in one fixed place, unable to freely move it about.