Top 5 Best Electric Cool Box 2017

Compare The Top 5 Best Electric Cool Box From Our Comparison Table Below
1) Marko 30L Electric Coolbox2) Waeco Mobicool U32 Camping Cool Box3) VonShef Electric 12V Insulated Cool Box4) Campingaz Powerbox Plus Electric Cooler5) ThinkGizmos Coolbox Electric Warm & Cool Box
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Average User Rating4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)4.3 Stars (4.3 / 5)4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)4.8 Stars (4.8 / 5)4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)
Power Input- 12V
- Mains
- 12V
- Mains
- 12V- 12V- 12V
- Mains
Maximum Cool Temperature18°C20°C12°C20°C15°C
Maximum Heat Temperature65°CN/AN/AN/A65°C
Dimensions (cm)40L x 31W x 44H33.6L x 29.6W x 44.5H40L x 24.1W x 40.5H40.7L x 31.3W x 43.5H40L x 33W x 44H
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A Guide To The Best Electric Cool Box

Plugs into the cigarette lighter in your car

Unlike cool bags or cool boxes which usually require ice packs to keep food and drinks inside cool, an electric cool box can simply plug into the cigarette lighter in your car making it a car electric cool box.  Some models will also have a mains adapter so it can be used at home as well.  This way the temperature can be adjusted and controlled to keep the items inside cold.

A portable electric cooler is a good addition if you have a picnic basket as it’ll keep food and drinks chilled, it’s also ideal for road trips, camping or just simply for home use.  Some models are also an electric cool box heater as it can be used to keep food warm as well! 

Although not as efficient at keeping food and drinks cold as a portable fridge, an electric car cool box is still a step up from the standard cool box.  If you’re unsure whether an electric or standard cooler would be better for you then we’ve compared the two items below so you can decide.


How To Choose The Best Electric Cool Box

Compartment in the lid to store cables

Choosing the best electric cool box should be quite an easy task if you know that it is an electric cooler you want and not a standard cooler or portable fridge.  Just in case you’ve forgotten to take certain functions into account, we’ll go through the list of features below.

Capacity – Measured in litres, this is how much space is inside the cooler.  If the cooler is only going to be for say two people for short trips then you can probably get away with one with a smaller capacity as it’ll take up less room and generally be cheaper too.

Power input – Ways which the electric cooler can be powered by, pretty much all of them will come with a 12V plug so you can plug it into the cigarette lighter socket in your car.  Some will also have the option to plug it into the mains so you can use it at home as well. 

There’s usually a small compartment in the lid which is used to store plugs and cables, so this way you won’t have to leave it lying around or risk losing it.

Maximum cool temperature – The cool temperature can usually be adjusted to make it colder, this is the highest cool temperature it can reach.

Maximum heat temperature – If the electric cooler has the option to switch to heat mode, then it can keep food warm, not heat food up.  This is the highest temperature the cooler can go to when it’s on heat mode.

Dimensions – This is the dimensions of the outside of the cooler, the inside dimensions will be smaller but it will still give you an indication of roughly how big it is inside. 

Weight – Most of the portable electric coolers are quite light as they are designed to be portable, so the weight is not really an issue in this case.


Electric Cool Box vs Cool Box

If you’re unsure what one is more suitable for you, we’ve listed what each one is ideal for along with the pros and cons so you can decide for yourself.

Electric cool box pros:

  • Better for any trips involving use of a car such as road trips or camping.
  • Able to monitor and control the chill temperature.
  • Some will also have the function to keep food warm.
  • No time limit to how long you can maintain the temperature for.
  • Can also be used as a regular cooler by placing ice packs
  • Mess free as you don’t have to place ice or ice packs inside.


  • Costs more money.
  • If you use the battery from your car to power the cooler, you run the risk of draining the car battery if the car is not running.

Cool box pros:

  • Better for garden use or trips that are close to your home.


  • Less room inside the box as you need to fill it with ice or ice packs.
  • Difficult to maintain or control the temperature.
  • The ice or ice pack will eventually melt.
  • Not ideal for keeping food inside as the ice will turn into water making the food wet.