Top 10 Best Sun Loungers 2018

Compare The Top 10 Best Sun Loungers From Our Comparison Table Below

1) Lichfield Deluxe Camp Sun Lounger2) Keter Daytona Sunlounger3) Textoline Reclining Garden Chair4) Chichester FSC Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Sunlounger5) Outsunny Patio Sun Lounger
Lichfield Deluxe Camp Sun Lounger Buy nowKeter Daytona Sun Lounger Buy nowTextoline Reclining Garden Chair Buy now Buy now Buy now
Average User Rating (4.5 / 5) (4.4 / 5) (4.2 / 5) (4.6 / 5) (4.5 / 5)
Frame MaterialAluminiumHigh quality plasticPowder coated steelFSC certified eucalyptus woodSteel
Seat MaterialPolyesterPolyester cushionTextileWeathertex cushionTextilene
Adjustable To Flat PositionYesYesNoYesYes
Folds AwayYesYesYesNoYes
Maximum User Weight100kg120kg120kg120kg250kg
Dimensions180L x 60W x 30H (cm)195L x 65W x 22H (cm)178L x 65W x 112H (cm)190L x 70W x 82H (cm)193L x 63.5W x 87H (cm)
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6) Charles Bentley Folding Sun Lounger7) Homcom Outsunny Sun Bed Chair8) Transcontinental Allibert Daytona Sun Lounger9) Black Dream Chair Swing Hammock10) Jago Rattan Sun Lounger
Charles Bentley Explorer Folding Sun Lounger Buy nowHomcom Outsunny Sun Bed Chair Buy nowTranscontinental Allibert Daytona Sun Lounger Buy nowBlack Dream Chair Swing Hammock Buy nowJago Rattan Sun Lounger Buy now
Average User Rating (4.1 / 5) (4.6 / 5) (4.1 / 5) (4.6 / 5) (4.2 / 5)
Frame MaterialSteelAluminiumHigh quality plasticPowder coated steelPoly-rattan
Seat MaterialTextileneTextilenePolyester cushionPolyester cushionPolyester cushion
Adjustable To Flat PositionYesYesYesNoYes
Folds AwayYesYesYesNoNo
Maximum User Weight120kg150kg120kg150kg120kg
Dimensions188L x 58W x 30H (cm)187L x 60W x 30H (cm)195L x 65W x 22H (cm)185L x 135W x 200H (cm)210.5L x 78W x 33H (cm)
Weight5kg4.8kg9kg38kgNot specified
Price**Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price** **Check Price**

A Guide To The Best Sun Loungers

Being able to relax on a sun lounger is such a nice feeling, although some of the garden loungers in the table above can be used indoors as well.  Most people wouldn’t buy one for indoor use, so conveniently most of the sun loungers do fold away for ease of storage, so it can be kept in the shed, garage or elsewhere during cooler months.

For other ways to relax you may also want to consider a free standing hammock, which can be placed anywhere in the garden.  Some models are more compact and lightweight so it can be taken to the park or camping.

Our table should only be used as a guideline, as the most suitable and best sun lounger will be different based on people’s requirements.  How we determine what we consider the best sun lounger is based on several factors, such as: Price, quality and convenience.


How To Choose The Best Sun Lounger

When choosing the best sun lounger for yourself or family then the following factors may need to be taken into account:

Seat material – Some of the garden loungers will come with a removable cushion which can be washed and cleaned easier, whereas some won’t require a cushion as the seat material is comfortable enough to support users.

Having one with a cushion will be more comfortable but the cushion is also likely to attract more sweat and dirt therefore requiring more cleaning.  Sun loungers with a textiline or similar seat material doesn’t soak in sweat and dirt as easy and can also be easily cleaned.

Adjustable to flat position – Being able to adjust to a flat position means you can lie on your front easier, although you can still lie on your front with it on a slight incline, it may be more of a personal preference of how you like to sunbath on your front.

All of the products shown in the table are reclining sun loungers but some will be able to recline to a completely flat position.

Charles Bentley Explorer Folding Sun Lounger

The Charles Bentley also folds away flat!

Folds away – Storing your sun lounger away during the autumn and winter season will keep it in better condition, if you leave it out in the garden then it will susceptible to weather damage.  A fold away sun lounger also keeps your garden looking neat and tidy, when it is not in use.

Folding sun loungers are a good option as it is portable and lightweight which makes it ideal for travelling.  The Lichfield Deluxe Camp Sun Lounger is among one of the best lightweight sun loungers, many people buy this for camping as well as for garden use.  A beach deck chair would also be a good option if you plan to travel around with it frequently.

Maximum user weight – This may never be an issue for some people but if you are close to the maximum recommneded user weight for a particular garden lounger then it may be wise to choose one that has a higher maximum user weight. 

Weight – If you choose a lightweight sun lounger, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be weaker.  Choosing one that doesn’t weigh much will make it easier to store away and also when travelling if you decide to take it with you.

If the sun gets too much and you need some shade then we’ve also provide comparisons on parasols, see our top 10 best garden parasols.


Double Sun Lounger Bed – Perfect For Couples

If the sun lounger is never going to leave the garden then a good alternative would be double sun lounger bed which is suitable for individuals who like having more room or couples.  However, most of the models don’t allow you to adjust the incline position, it just stays in one position.  Some 3 seater garden swing chairs can convert into a bed, so this could also be a good option.

There are some differences you should be aware of if you were planning to buy a double sun lounger bed.  Just so you don’t end up buying the wrong product, we’ve compared the differences between the two below:

Double sun lounger bed

  • Suitable if it’s going to remain permanently in your garden.
  • Usually works out cheaper as opposed to getting two single loungers of equivalent specs.
  • Takes up more space and not usually foldable.
  • Unable to adjust the positioning of the back on most models.
  • Comes with a canopy where the angle can usually be adjusted or it can be removed.

Single sun lounger bed

  • Suitable if you want to use it at home or take it to other places.
  • Buying single units tend to be more expensive.
  • Most models fold away making it more portable and space saving.
  • Can adjust the positioning to various angles.
  • Only very few models will come with a canopy attached.

Here are our top 3 best double sun loungers:


1) Miadomodo Sun Lounger Double Bed Hammock2) Outsunny Double Sun Bed Lounger3) Miadomodo Rattan Sun Lounger
Buy now Buy now Buy now
Average User Rating (4 / 5) (4.3 / 5) (3.9 / 5)
Maximum Total Weight200kg200kg120kg
Dimensions200L x 173W x 148H (cm)200L x 200W x 150H (cm)180L x 180W x 155H (cm)