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Thank you for visiting our website, what we do here at is we provide you with useful information such as guides, reviews and comparison tables on the best garden furniture, equipment, tools and basically anything that can be used out in the garden.

With so many different types of garden products on the market it can be difficult to know which one you require.  Sometimes it can even be difficult to know what certain garden furniture, equipment and tools are used for or what tools and equipment you have to use to do certain tasks.  If you are one of these people then we hope we can help you remove any doubt or uncertainty.

Making your garden look nice and presentable always makes being outdoors more enjoyable, but for this to happen this will require some equipment and even a bit of DIY. Below are the best garden furniture, equipment and tools we’ve provided reviews and comparisons on.  Check out our product reviews and make your garden stand out.


Gas BBQs

Impress your visitors with your new gas barbecue, barbecuing is made simple with a gas BBQ as the heating can be turned up with just a turn!

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BBQ Tool Sets

Once you have your choice of BBQ machine, it’s time to get tooled up with one of the BBQ tool sets.  It includes pretty much everything you need.

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Outdoor Chimineas

Traditionally used in Mexican homes as a heater and BBQ grill, chimineas are now used outdoors for the same purposes but also to add to your garden decor.

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Garden Strimmers

If the lawn mower just doesn’t quite cut it then a garden strimmer might just do the trick.  Use in addition to a lawn mower to finish the job off.

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Garden Pressure Sprayers

The multi purpose garden pressure sprayer can be used to water plants, eliminate weeds & insects, clean outdoor furniture and even to get rid of a wasp’s nest!

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Electric Fly Killers

Let’s face it, no one likes getting stung by a mosquito and they can be very irritating, so why not let an electric fly killer get rid of the flying insects before it gets you.

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Charcoal BBQs

If you prefer that authentic smoky and chargrilled taste, then perhaps the traditional way of barbecuing with a charcoal BBQ will suit you more.

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Patio Heaters

Even a summer’s day can be a bit chilly, but don’t let that stop you from staying outside.  Keep your friends and family warm under a patio heater.

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Garden Fire Pits

There are many ways to keep warm on a nice summer’s evening when you’re out in the garden.  Potentially a show stealer, a fire pit only requires little upfront cost.

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Electric Hedge Cutters

Keeping your hedges looking trim doesn’t need to take too much time if you invest in an electric hedge cutter! They speed up the time it takes to get the job done.

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Self-Watering Planters

Enjoy watching your plants grow and your flowers blossom, the very convenient self-watering planter will give the water your plants need so you can be elsewhere.

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Garden Trolley Carts

A garden trolley cart can be used for many different occasions such as: Gardening, construction sites, camping, festivals, market/trade shows and even family days out!

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Electric BBQ Grills

Don’t let the weather stop you from barbecuing, an electric BBQ can be used indoors or outdoors so you can enjoy barbecued meat all year round!

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Table Top Patio Heaters

Limited on garden space or just a personal preference, a table top patio heater conveniently sits on top of a table providing heat to those around the table.

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Lawn Mowers

Keep the lawn looking tidy and presentable, this will make the time spent in your garden much more relaxing and enjoyable for yourself, your friends and family.

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Garden Kneeler Seats

Reduce gardening pain with a garden kneeler seat.  You can choose to kneel or sit for your garden tasks, some even come with a pouch to hold your garden tools!

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Water Hose Timers

Ensure your plants are always watered whether you’re at home or not!  A water hose timer can be set up to automatically water your plants so you don’t have to.

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Portable BBQ Grills

Whether you’re camping, fishing, going to the beach, attending a festival or simply just for garden use, a portable BBQ is perfect for the occasion.

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Wall Mounted Heaters

Keep warm indoors or outdoors, a wall mounted patio heater saves floor space.  It’s perfect for BBQs, garage use or just keeping warm.

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Push Mowers

Mow the lawn in an eco-friendly way, making it look nicer & healthier.  A push mower does not require any electricity or petrol, all it takes is your push.

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Gardening Boots

Gardening boots are not just used for gardening, it can be used for many other activities as well.  Some wellies are also quite stylish so you can even where them high street shopping!

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Portable Petrol Generators

Always be prepared if there’s a power cut!  Not only that a portable petrol generator is also perfect for camping, fishing, construction sites or gardening work.

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3 Seater Swing Chairs

A must have furniture for your garden if you want to give it that cosy look.  A 3 seater swing chair is perfect for up to 3 people or for yourself alone.

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Rattan Garden Chairs

Rattan garden chairs rarely look out of place with their unique and sleek look.  Get maximum use out of these chairs as it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Pop Up Gazebos

Pop up gazebos can be set up within minutes and is ideal for parties, gatherings, events and relaxing.  They also neatly fold away and take up little room in storage.

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Garden Lamp Posts

Make your garden, driveway, pathway or patio look more elegant by putting some lamp posts up.  It’s also practical as it allows you to enjoy late evenings in the garden.

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Sun Loungers

Being able to just sit back and relax on a sun lounger just puts your mind at ease, having some sunshine to go with it is just an added bonus!

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Garden Love Seats

Combine a small table and two chairs and what you’ll get is a modern looking garden love chair.  Perfect for any garden, patio, balcony, couple or singles!

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Retractable Patio Awnings

Add a level of sophistication to your garden, a patio awning is permanently fitted to your wall and can be extended if the sun or rain gets too much.

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Beach Chairs

Thanks to its portability and lightweight, you can take your deck chair with you pretty much anywhere!  Now you can relax wherever you go.

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Garden Parasols

It’s always nice to have some sunshine but at times you might want to sit in the shade still knowing there’s sun, if this is you then you need a garden parasol.

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Picnic Tables

Don’t forget to get an outdoor picnic table for your home BBQ, you can choose from permanent wooden picnic tables or folding tables if you prefer something more portable.

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Free Standing Hammocks

Deploy your freestanding hammock anywhere by using the stand or detaching the hammock and tying it between two trees.

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Parasol Bases

Complete the look of your garden parasol by adding a base to help secure it and add an element of beauty to it.  Customise how you want your parasol to look.

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Outdoor Garden Storage

Whether you need it to store away items or as a back up seat for outdoor gatherings, an outdoor garden storage box or bench satisfies both of these requirements.

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Relax & Leisure

Pop Up Beach Tents

Enjoy your day on the beach, fishing, camping, hiking or even in your garden, by having a pop up beach tent you can enjoy being in the sun and get protection from the sun when needed.

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Picnic Baskets

A picnic basket set will ensure you’re already equipped for when you have a picnic.  Picnic hamper sets usually come in a set for 2 or for 4 people, and it’s also a great gift idea.

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Inflatable Hot Tubs

Indulge and relax by sitting in a hot tub in the comfort of your own back garden.  An inflatable hot tub allows you to reap the same benefits as a built-in hot tub but at a much lower cost.

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Giant Outdoor Bean Bag Chairs

Whether you’re an adult or a child there’s something about a giant bean bag that just makes you want to dive onto it.  Don’t worry we’re sure you’re not the only one.

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Beach and Camping Windbreaks

We all know how annoying the wind can get when it’s blowing at you and everything around you.  Don’t let that ruin your day, a windbreak will save your day!

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Picnic Blankets

Relax comfortably and enjoy your food with a picnic blanket.  The waterproof backing will ensure no dampness will get through, so you need not worry about the blanket getting wet.

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Kid's Bouncy Castles

Save money on renting out a bouncy castle, owning a bouncy castle allows you to use it as and when you please.  It’ll also make your kids popular amongst their friends!

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Portable Camping Showers

A portable camping shower will keep your hygiene up to standards whenever you’re away camping, at a festival, at the beach, hiking or wherever else. 

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Giant Inflatable Pool Toys

Show up and make other holiday makers jealous with the coolest giant inflatable pool toy this summer.  There are plenty of choices available to suit your style.

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Oscillating Tower Fans

One of the cheaper ways to keep cool this summer is by buying an oscillating tower fan.  Luckily the UK doesn’t get hot enough otherwise a tower fan won’t be as effective.

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Kids Garden Slides

Keep the kids happy and entertained with a garden slide, not only does it keep them occupied but it also helps them keep active and healthy as they’re constantly running around.

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Electric Cool Box

An electric cooler box is perfect for trips away and long car journeys, some models also can be plugged into the mains as well, making it perfect for home use too!

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High Velocity Floor Fans

Want something nearly as powerful as a portable air conditioner but don’t want to pay the running costs?  A high velocity floor fan is on average more than 15 times cheaper to run!

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Portable Ice Maker Machines

Never run out of ice when you need it the most on a hot summer’s day.  An ice cube machine will produce ice cubes quicker than you can get to the supermarket and back.

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So what we’ve done is created comparison tables based on the best products for different categories in gardening and added the most relevant information and features which the products offer.  Below the comparison tables we’ve provided guidance for that product, which will give you more information such as how to choose that product and pros and cons.

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